Young Deviossi f. Ron Ron, “Sloppy Drunk” MP3


The Bay Area’s expansion into markets outside of California has a lasting legacy—to this day, the Bay has ties with cities as far east as Kansas City. There’s a definite musical influence evident on the lurching funk of “Sloppy Drunk” by KC rapper Young Deviossi. Happy intoxication is a longtime hip-hop tradition, from giddy anthems like The Alkaholiks’ “Only When I’m Drunk” to last year’s “I’m Always Drunk in San Francisco.” “Sloppy Drunk” should take its rightful place in this lineage of alcohol anthems, thanks to its appropriate mix of cockiness, ignorance and humility.

Download: Young Deviossi f. Ron Ron, “Sloppy Drunk” (via 100 Grand on my Wrist)

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  1. Big Pookie says:

    There is more where that came from Fader! Come out here and do some diggin! Ron Ron, Devi, Young Fate, Riv Locc, Topeka got Bizzy, Stik Figa, Burnablocc and more! WE GO!

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