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Stream: Woods, "Wind Was The Wine"


Typically, when a band releases a split record, I prep myself for some nice throwaway jams and a couple surprising moments that will likely get overlooked in favor of a much grander statement down the line. That probably shouldn't happen with the self-titled album-length split between Woods and Amps for Christ. Which, yeah, does feature the jammy moments (what Woods record doesn't?), but it also features "Wind Was The Wine," which is potentially the most lush Woods track yet. It's not that they're mining new territory here—they're more just focusing everything they do so well—squalls of feedback, sweet vocals with a dark/bleak/not so positive undertone and quick drum bursts that elevate things from mega chill to, briefly, unnervingly intense. The self-titled split will be out on Shrimper April 17th for CD and May 1st for LP.

Stream: Woods, "Wind Was The Wine"

Posted: March 08, 2012
Stream: Woods, "Wind Was The Wine"