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Ender Belongs to Me, "All Working" MP3


The unnamed Brooklyn duo behind Ender Belongs to Me write on their Tumblr—using the single voice of Peter Wiggin, the damaged older brother in Ender's Game—about addiction, fear of digital capitalism and the uphill climb out of unhappiness. But their Tumblr and that whole downtrodden aspect of the group's identity were unbeknownst to me when I first heard "All Working," a lovely gem of DIY pop with a supremely catchy, child-like chorus: Two-four-six-eight, hella look great, hella feel great/ And everybody jumps on board, and now we're all working. Now, what initially seemed like a pro-sharing schoolyard chant feels like something out of Alcoholics Anonymous, flipping the song's perspective from inclusive and uplifting to lonely and shattered. I think that makes it even better. Ender Belongs to Me's Memory EP is out now via Crash Symbols, on cassette and as a pay-what-you-want download.

Download: Ender Belongs to Me, "All Working"

Ender Belongs to Me, "All Working" MP3