Pica-Post’s Rugged Return


Manchester menswear shop Oi Polloi has launched the third installment of their creative in-house publication Pica-Post today. The vibe this time around is bigger and brasher—a hunting theme runs throughout represented by four key menswear looks. The editorial spread finds the Oi Polloi guys on a fishing adventure on the fringes of industrial Manchester, mugging at the camera with some dead sea creatures, appropriately kitted in Barbour outerwear. They also brought on a new illustrator for this issue, Paul X. Johnston, whose fantastical style jumps off the page. Andy Votel of Finders Keepers Records pens an essay on the European road trip that led to the founding of the Oi Polloi shop some ten years ago. Of course, you’ll also find fresh goodies from Engineered Garments, RRL, Beams+ and Batten Sportswear. Sneak a peek at the issue here and order your very own copy here.

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