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Smoke DZA, "Kenny Powers" (Prod. by Harry Fraud) MP3

Smoke DZA is not about to hit us with any GZA-style, "fuck you up with some truth" verses or even rap faster than fuck anytime soon, but maybe at some point the legendary stoner has smoked some weed, not felt high, and then looked at his feet and said, "Work, drugs!" There's nothing in "Kenny Powers" that's explicitly about Kenny Powers, the beloved anti-hero of HBO's Eastbound and Down, but the chorus goes, Kenny Powers, chase the chickens!, which might be a reference to Kenny's days as a cockfighter, or it might be nothing. The beat is produced by frequent French Montana collaborator and all-around wiz kid Harry Fraud, who is on a hot streak with no foreseeable end.

Download: Smoke DZA, "Kenny Powers" (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

Smoke DZA, "Kenny Powers" (Prod. by Harry Fraud) MP3