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Painkiller Explores an Underwater Aura for Spring

Painkiller’s spring collection was recently released, and Bangkok-based Siriorn Teankaprasith, who we featured in our FADER #75 Fall Fashion Feature about women designing menswear, is exploring a nautical theme and taking it to a weird place that only she could. Inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and based off the novel's three principal characters, it's a zany mashup of conventional stripes, sea-faring prints and yachting staples that weren't meant for each other but definitely work together. Teankaprasith loves to throw in contemporary, even futuristic touches like dropcrotch trousers and sleeveless blazers, to keep things from becoming overly nostalgic and referential. We think we're most psyched for that windowpane print, which looks like a fresher option than the plaids and florals we've been seeing everywhere else. Check out some highlights below.

Painkiller Explores an Underwater Aura for Spring