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Audio Push, "Wassup" MP3

When Noz wrote about jerkin architects Audio Push last May, he noted that they seemed particularly interested in rapping well. It's not that jerkin songs can't feature good rapping, it's just that being lyrically lyrical is kind of beside the point. But what do you do when you want to break out of the mold you're in? Form a rock band? Quit music? Sure! All of the above. But often, the best option is to work on subtly tweaking your formula until it mutates into something new. It's like playing a constant game of catch up with your own personal interests. I'm not saying that Audio Push are the best rappers ever—I don't think they would call themselves that either, but they're wedding an enthusiastic love of rapping to the sort of minimal, ramshackle beat that made jerkin so appealing in the first place. It's an interesting move forward, and a potentially promising sign of what's to come. Audio Push's Truth Be Told mixtape is out tomorrow.

Download: Audio Push, "Wassup"

Audio Push, "Wassup" MP3