Video: T.I. f. Travis Porter and Young Dro, “Hot Wheels”

Despite featuring a murderer’s row of guest verses from the likes of Young Jeezy to Nelly to Dr. Dre to perhaps the last unused Pimp C verse in the entire universe, T.I.’s Fuck Da City Up didn’t really strike me as good or bad. Instead, it was a document of T.I. on autopilot, cranking the smoothness up to 11 but leaving the personality at home, sort of like how Jay-Z would rap on those collaborative albums he did with R. Kelly. In short, Fuck Da City Up simply was.

Enter the video for “Hot Wheels,” featuring Travis Porter and Young Dro. Several months removed from Fuck Da City Up, we’re given a chance to re-evaluate this song, and surprise! It might actually have been the best track on the album. The video offers such highlights as Travis Porter’s collective shoulder lean that segues into some intense air punching, random shots of go-karts, and Young Dro’s “Holy Fuck I am in a Maybach Right Now” face that he does whenever he’s rapping inside of a Maybach. The star of Then there’s the ever-regal T.I., surveying his domain while hanging out the top of a clean, white Jeep. He’s not really dancing, but T.I. does everything with such rhythmic aplomb, even if he’s just sort of sitting there, it seems like he’s moving.

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  1. WNDRKND says:

    I guess I imagined a clean white jeep chillin in a parking lot, with tip on top…. Haha, didn’t expect it to be MOVING! That’s a whole other league of shit… Also, me tinks I saw Iggy Azalea make a cameo in this video, I always know when to spot that hiney… Yeah but overall, I agree with you mane, Fuck Da City up wasn’t that great… Everybody knows Rich Forever is what took the cake for Jan back then… At least, with regards to that specific string of release dates.

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