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Stream: Lil Silva, "Gobble That"


Pioneer of UK funky, Lil Silva, has delivered a gem with "Gobble That,” the first of two songs that will be released on vinyl-only white label next month. For the most part, the track's crisp drum pattern stays simple, deferring to a gigantically slinking synth coaxing bodies from left to right—like, actually physically coaxing, with a cleverly exaggerated pan as the sound squeezes out. It's almost cocky to center a song so heavily around one riff, but the synth's hugely effective, like the aural equivalent to a penalty kick's sharp bend, just over and over: goal… goal… goal… goal. The white label comes out mid-April, and it's up for preorder now.

Stream: Lil Silva, "Gobble That"

Posted: March 30, 2012
Stream: Lil Silva, "Gobble That"