Stream Gang Gang Dance and Hudson Mohawke’s Remixes of Battles


It’s been a weird odyssey for Battles, whose music started out very much in the “math rock” camp, with last year’s stellar Gary Newman-featuring, mostly vocals-having Gloss Drop landing somewhere just this side of danceable. They’ve been releasing a steady drip of remixes for the past few months in a series entitled Dross Glop, with newest pair coming from Gang Gang Dance and Hudson Mohawke. They’re being put out as a 12-inch for Record Store Day, which falls on 4/21. They’re both fairly joyous while managing to engage with you in a way that should be perfect for making your brain wake back up after it takes a day off on 4/20. Music can heal, and these remixes are proof of that.

Stream: Battles, “Ice Cream (Gang Gang Dance Remix)”

Stream: Battles, “Rolly Bayce (Hudson Mohawke Remix)”

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