Dive, “Bambi Slaughter” (Kurt Cobain Home Demo Cover) MP3


Nirvana are not even close to the primary influence—that would be shoegaze, Cure-style emotive guitar, and any band that loves a delay pedal in a really pretty way—we hear in Dive‘s music, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Cobain and company are forever ingrained in the fabric of basically all the music we listen to. Here, Dive cover a pre-Nirvana Kurt Cobain home demo for “Bambi Slaughter,” which only exists in the most rudimentary form possible. It’s the sort of track that exists mostly as a curiosity, until someone connects with it and brings it into a new light. Here, Dive keep the the downtuned thud, but add in layers of hypnotic swirl. Dive’s album Oshin is out June 26th on Captured Tracks.

Download: Dive, “Bambi Slaughter” (Kurt Cobain Home Demo Cover)

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