Watch Tyler, the Creator on MTV’s Punk’d


Last week, MTV premiered its first episode of a revamped Punk’d, the prank show formerly hosted by Ashton Kutcher that at one point made Justin Timberlake cry. Punk’d returned with a rotating cast of hosts, starting with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Appropriately, Tyler, the Creator’s episode was hosted by Bam Margera, whose show Jackass was produced by Dickhouse, the same company that works with Odd Future on Loiter Squad. Watch to see Tyler finally on the receiving end of stunt and if you’re really into schadenfreude, stay for Ronnie from Jersey Shore getting the wool pulled over his eyes, too.

(via Ddotomen)

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  1. Julie says:

    While everyone else is screaming and is acting scared, this a**hole is smiling gets out his cell & starts video taping. He doesn’t even think to call 911 as a man is burning to death. Doesn’t even attempt to help, act worried, & all the while he is smiling. You Tyler, the Creator are a piece of worthless s#$t and shouldn’t even be allow to live. I hope if you ever catches on fire, everyone around you takes out their cell and start video taping it and not call 911.

  2. Sink says:

    Fuck you julie

  3. Richie wills says:

    Guess fame cant “de-nigger” you huh Tyler? Classic ape reaction!