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Video: Pond, "You Broke My Cool"

You know how sometimes you meet those people that are like, "How could you live in any other city than _______" and usually that blank is filled in with, like, New York or Los Angeles or something. And yeah, those cities are great. But the fact is that there is this huge world of awesome places out there, and really, just because some dude you met at a party really likes to go clubbing in Midtown and can't imagine his life any other way, doesn't mean that's the right path for you as well. But you know that. Everyone knows that. It's weird that there are still people out there that think that someone might not have figured out this great life secret about being happy. But anyway! Pond now have a video for the drunk-stumbling anthem "You Broke My Cool," which is sloppy in all the right ways: drums stumble over warped guitar and warm organs, with the semi-pained, echoed lyrics you broke my cool. It's not the most relaxing song, necessarily, but when paired with a video of the band hanging out in what basically just looks like a massive lawn, the track feels like a love letter to the entire concept of getting so caught up in your emotions that the only way to dial it back (can you fix a broken cool?) is to drink some beers and run around with your bros outside in the sun until things level out. That's gotta be a universal feeling, no matter where you are.

Video: Pond, "You Broke My Cool"