Contest: Win Tickets to Gunplay at Santos Party House


Tonight (hours from now!) Gunplay will perform at Shortcuts, a rap/dance/whatever party booked by True Panther’s Dean Bein, Despot and Himanshu Suri of Das Racist. Ratking and Bodega Bamz will be there too, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away. If you’re older than 18 and in the New York area, leave your name and favorite Gunplay video in the comments for a chance to win. Remember to use your real email address, so we can let you know if won.

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  1. Jesse Vega says:

    jesse vega – rolling

  2. Christoper Urena says:

    Gotta be bogota

  3. Arianna Gross says:

    Cigar Fare and Hardware

  4. Arianna Gross says:

    Favorite video : Cigar Fare & Hardware

  5. Eric Diep says:

    Gunplay “Rollin’”

  6. Maxwell Cavaseno says:

    Mask On

  7. Sophia Matilda says:

    U Can’t See Me!

  8. Aisha Owens says:

    U Can’t See Me (Fuk Boy)

  9. BOY I’M BOUT TA…..

  10. My favorite visuals from GunPlay would have to be “Jump Out”.
    Excellent cinematography.

  11. Khaled Elsayed says:

    Gunplay – Rollin’ ! S/O all the tittay shots gettin past YouTube !

  12. Taj Scott-Winn says:


    I won!!

    I wanna thank the Academy, my family & friends, the weed man, the guy at the bodega who sells me Dutchmasters & looses cigarettes, & the good people at The Fader for giving me a reason to get ratchet with my ratchet till I get my proper ends.

  13. My favorite Gunplay video is “tats on my arm (freestyle)” love that circa sponsored but Logan’s drinking Black label cause that’s the only thing one ought to be drinking. #HailLogan #tropicalcrack

  14. Chanel Pyrex says:

    Oh I lost :( be
    There anyway, 20 bucks poorer
    But more Bogota richer

  15. Geng-Grizzly says:

    Here’s another Gunplay Day giveaway… Gunplay on Fresh Out The Box Radio…a nice little phonecall about ODB, Sade, booger sugar, and Hitler.

    See you all there…and listen to us every Thursday night on BBOXRadio dot com.

  16. puppypuppy says:

    wait 4real how come no1 posted ham in the trap/all i do is win vid?

    4 wheelers IDGAF

  17. Avery Hayes says:

    Cigar Fare & Hardware

    Pick me! I fucking need this! I’ve had a shitty day.

  18. Frank Vamps says:

    Cigar Fare & Hardware

    Please lemme see this dude perform this and C&C!!!!

  19. lakedimes says:

    Jump Out