Video: Rudimental f. John Newman, “Feel The Love”

Believe it or not, urban Philadelphia is home to a number of horsemen. The city has a large park system and 200 miles of trails, and in the ’80s, there were hundreds of cowboys out around town. Hackney, London four-piece Rudimental’s new video was filmed on Fletcher Street, whose riding community was profiled on This American Life‘s short-lived TV show. Horses have boarded on the residential stretch since WWII, but riders have struggled in the last few years, clashing with state agents who called conditions at the stables there “atrocious.” In spite of this, Fletcher Street still welcomes whoever shows up, giving kids a chance to ride, learn to take care of an animal and call it their own. With an organ, “Feel The Love” starts gentle but quickly goes full-gallop: bass hurling itself around like clothes in a dryer, a yowled trumpet melody. Below stream “Spoons,” another Rudimental track released in February. The XX loved it so much that they blogged it.

Stream: Rudimental f. MNEK and Syron, “Spoons”

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