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Download Arca's Stretch 1 EP


More new music from Arca! Who, since his last free release, has probably been listening to a lot of Massive Attack. It's not that the music on Stretch 1 is overly indebted to the forefathers of trip hop or anything, but he's now doing a sort of hyper-distorted vocal mumble that would make Tricky proud. On the whole, though, the EP is a strong push forward for the producer. He reigns ambient wooshes and gloopy mouth clicks into a fully formed, almost ecstatic song on "Truly Carrying," and "DOEP" (streaming below) it sounds as if it's been built from discarded samples: thin keyboard breeziness, stumbling, chopped-up warmth, and those vocals again. Doesn't really matter what, exactly, Arca is saying to be honest. It just sounds pretty awesome. To celebrate the release of the Stretch 1 EP, Arca will be playing UNO's one year anniversary party this Saturday at 285 Kent along with CFCF, Physical Therapy, Mykki Blanco, Shane from Hood by Air and a lot more.

Download: Arca, Stretch 1

Download Arca's Stretch 1 EP