Download Depressed Teenager’s Jerkin with DT Volume 1 Mixtape


As Noz made clear in his FADER #79 profile of Young Sam, the seemingly dominant narrative that 2009′s rapid national takeover of jerk music was immediately followed the death of the genre is more or less bullshit for the many people still invested in the sound. It might even be fashionable, in the self-assured, “fuck trends, hot is hot forever” sort of way, to pledge 2012 allegiance. In that spirit, if it doesn’t (hopefully) sound too cynical, comes this retrospective mix by Depressed Teenager, a self-described “controversial new artist” supposedly from New Jersey with a special gift for freespirited Photoshop. Though Jerkin with DT was released years after most of its tracks first hit Digital Dripped—the “MySpace is so dead” opening is grin-worthy and telling—chances are slim your laptop was ever holding all 23 of its timelessly energetic songs. Even if AO’s “Yes I’m Leaning” is buried in iTunes somewhere, it’s hard imagining a more energizing end of the work day than to bring it back to life.

Download: Depressed Teenager’s Jerkin with DT Volume 1 Mixtape

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  1. scott says:

    Almost certain there’s not a single person who comes to this website to hear music like this

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  3. Mike Of Doom says:

    and if they do at least let them hear it done with skill

  4. Watt Par says:


  5. LewisLace says:

    I haven’t seen somebody do the Jerk in a while. About time to get the kids moving again.

  6. DRTYDRDZ says:

    Hes A Genius.