Stream: Cubenx, “Grass (Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins Remix)”

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Though Cesar Urbina, the Mexican artist bka Cubenx, is mostly known for his rich, techno-indebted production, his debut album on the Paris label Infiné features a number of tracks decidedly rooted in the night rain of 1980s post-rock. “Grass,” one of the best of Urbina’s piano-and-guitar-driven songs, caught the ear of Robin Guthrie, founding guitarist and man on the drum machine for the shoegaze god-group Cocteau Twins, and Guthrie signed on for a remix. Like a well-deserved knighting, his even shoegazier take replaces Urbina’s electronic flourishes with mournful splashes of live drums and an un-liftable fog of official Cocteau reverb. The remix will be included on an EP of “Grass” remixes that also features Telefon Tel Aviv, out on vinyl and digitally via Infiné on May 28th.

Stream: Cubenx, “Grass (Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins Remix)”

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