Video: Raekwon f. LEP Bogus Boys, “This Shit Hard”

Before music videos changed the game for Chicago, LEP helped break the door down. They’ve consistently created quality videos that illustrate and reinforce the scope of their visual rap style. The group have an appropriately cinematic backstory—Count grew up in the now-leveled Harold Ickes housing projects, and the group bubbled for several years in different formulations before reaching a national audience. “This Shit Hard” is one of the best tracks they’ve been involved with recently. The pairing with Raekwon makes sense, and Count’s verse in particular is a masterpiece of traditional lyricism, each line packed with memorable imagery: This the kind of shit that’ll hook ya mayor / Marion, rich pure white like an Aryan/ Met him at the Sheraton, reminded me of Pablo/ Giving me his spiel while I inhaled cigar smoke. Produced by The Olympicks.

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