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Stream: Padang Food Tigers' Album Ready Country Nimbus

Padang Food Tigers have made a set of songs that work as a sort of experience, more than any kind of cohesive statement. Guitars drone loosely over piano, there are field recordings. It's plaintive and gorgeous, the sort of background music that muscles its way into your life before you even realize it. Normally when it comes to stuff like this, though, you'd expect a difficult listen. Ready Country Nimbus is the exact opposite. When the melancholy guitar on "In My Heart I'm Already Gone" comes in, the stress level in this office dropped like 25 points. It's not worth it to try to isolate a specific song (although the one we just mentioned is an instant standout), because this works better as a full record. Appropriately, the whole thing is streaming below, so you can hear it how its meant to be heard. It's out May 8th on Bathetic.

Stream: Padang Food Tigers, Ready Country Nimbus

Stream: Padang Food Tigers' Album Ready Country Nimbus