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Tupac Hologram Sold a Bunch of Records

Since the Tupac hologram performed at Coachella, the rapper's back catalogue has seen a spike in sales, Billboard reports. For the past sixteen years, Pac has had a robust posthumous presence, whether it's through the release of albums after his passing or rumors that he is in fact still alive, just in hiding. But the controversial hologram has added an extra edge, catapulting Pac back on the Billboard 200 list this week. His Greatest Hits will re-enter the charts at #129 having sold a reported 4,000 copies, a 571% increase from the previous week. All Eyez on Me and Me Against the World have seen sales bumps as well, but not enough to land on the chart. Three of his singles have also spiked: "Hail Mary," the song the hologram opened with onstage, has pushed 13,000 downloads this week. "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted," which the Tupac projection performed with Snoop Dogg, received 9,000 downloads this week, and Pac's onetime #1 hit, "California Love"—which, interestingly, was performed before the hologram was projected—was downloaded 11,000 times. With Dre expressing interest in seeing a Jimi Hendrix hologram and an upcoming TLC reunion tour with Left Eye performing posthumously on-screen, will these sales figures increase the likelihood of future hologram performances from other lost artists?

Tupac Hologram Sold a Bunch of Records