Stream: San Gabriel, “Can’t Work” + EYE (of Boredoms) Remix


There was a point where it felt like Boredoms might have been the secret originators of like all music ever. It wasn’t that they had been around since the beginning of time or anything, it’s just that their music felt so primal and instinctual, that it seemed like everything had to have risen from their roiling drums and ecstatic noise bursts. Here, Butchy Fuego (as San Gabriel)—who has toured with Boredoms and is a member of Pit Er Pat—takes that blueprint and runs with it on “Can’t Work,” creating a spare track primarily from drums. It’s EYE‘s remix that blows the whole operation wide open, though. If you’re looking for the drop—well, it never really comes. Instead it’s just piles of percussion, vocal samples, sloppy clips of noise…it’s the sort of thing that, in the wrong hands, can come off as lazy, but EYE is no stranger to creating beauty from noise and confusion. San Gabriel’s VOLFE is out May 22nd digitally, and physically June 25th on Time No Place.

Stream: San Gabriel, “Can’t Work” + EYE (of Boredoms) Remix

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