Video: Crookers, “That Laughing Track”

Approaching their tenth year as a group, the Italian production duo Crookers have apparently taken a turn toward the batshit. “That Laughing Track” was first released on their Dr. Gonzo LP last fall in collaboration with Style of Eye and Carli, a song of pure hallucination, pairing a series of expert drum patterns with a maniacal series of laughs. Without visuals to guide the experience, though—it’s a joke, right, but is it a mean one?—the track was extra perplexing. Thankfully, Jerome of LOL Boys and Johnny Woods have stepped in, producing a fun/traumatic video like an insane asylum stuffed into a VCR and tossed into a jacuzzi of Gak. Still infectious, and now even more memorable. A “Laughing Track” remix EP comes out April 30th via Southern Fried and Mad Decent.

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  1. Neoteric says:

    madness! love it!

  2. jaycee713 says:

    sounds like they wanted to update Winx “Don’t Laugh”