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Video: NhT Boyz, "Yangland"

The NhT Boyz are a group of acrobatic rap artists whose punchlines fall in an effortless stream. Although they have a base in the bay's party-oriented hyphy sound, they don't abide to that sound, jumping from songs built around Ice-T references to old school party jams. The group balances this fluctuation with well-considered, believable forays into more serious subjects. Not indebted to history or any particular style, their skill and charisma creates its own energy, using hip-hop history as raw material to feed into their original, enthusiastic sound. Their first major record, Power Triangle, was one of 2010's more pleasant surprises. Earlier this week they released the video for "Freeway," a single from their recent Yangland tape. Days later, they dropped this video for the mixtape's title track, a slinking, noir rap tune produced by Wondayboy.

Video: NhT Boyz, "Yangland"