Contest: Win Mark McNairy’s Danny Brown T-Shirt


From the recent cover story on Danny Brown in The FADER #78, we learned that he loves pizza. But true fans also know that he likes a lot of different foods and raps about many store-bought brands on XXX. One of his favorits, Cool Ranch Doritos, inspired Mark McNairy to make his Danny Brown tribute Cool Ranch T. We’ve got an extra one to give away. All you have to do is tell us what your favorite Danny Brown food lyric is and why in the comments section, and we’ll pick our favorite.

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  1. Amauri says:

    “Hotter than a barbecue in Satan’s place”
    Danny cleverly says its hot as fuck out here! Accurately describes the weather here in Georgia.

  2. Jordan says:

    “No cover just her booty on a pillow
    Your bitch said my dick tastes like Tropical Fruit Skittles”

    I just thought this was a hilarious line. The first time I heard it, I had to rewind a few times before I could go on. Hilarious.

  3. Barry W. says:

    The hybrid smoking on papaya
    That give you niggas bronchitis, what you write is all vagina
    What i write is wall of china
    Nigga that’s great like eighths of grape ape getting stuffed in my suitcase

    Monopoly was the first Danny Brown song i heard, so these lines were like my introduction to him. It’s really clever and relates different fruits to strands of weed and explains how others are lame and Danny is great.

  4. J says:

    Kush gotta nigga feeling awesome
    Ate that bitch pussy ’til she squirted like a dolphin
    Told her bend over, hit that shit doggy
    Called her a cab then I told that bitch to call me

    Yep. I just quoted those lyrics. From Blunt After Blunt, because dolphins.

  5. LewisD says:

    ” don’t she suck allota dick, we call her the apple pucker, when she vom you up,look like she sippin’ apple pucker, APPLE PUCKER?!, apple pucker mixed with some vinegar”

    I know this is about a drink but it still counts right?

    Anyway, that’s pretty much everything I love about Danny Brown right there. It’s over the top, funny and a bit gross but still manages to be quite gritty at the same time.

  6. TopBananas48 says:

    Don’t know if this closed so i’m going to drop another one.

    “Take a n^gga head off like a hot mascot/Tell me why your breath smell like a burning bag of f^g c^ck”

    Like a said before, vivd imagery mann.

  7. Anthony says:

    Just tryna catch sales, you know how I do, and she got the WIC card so that’s mad Juicy Juice” -Thank God

    This whole track is dope because it speaks to how down to earth Danny Brown is. Folks livin off gov’t assistance are thankful to have that much. And if you were raised on Juicy Juice like I was, you get hype about buyin it in bulk.

  8. blueman says:

    I got to say i think the “I’m sipping vodka straight, eating on fish eggs” line in sos is pretty slick.

  9. Scott says:

    “stank pussy smelling like cool ranch doritos” – Danny Brown in ‘Monopoly’

    There is little more I want than this shirt. Best new rapper of the past few years, no doubt.

  10. Jaymes says:

    Banana in her tailpipe, I’ll make her Axel Foley
    Eatin on perogies
    Goose mixed with Sobe

    this one was too easy. There’s 3 different food and drink references within the 3 lines here. I eat perogies everyday, and am now very eager to try mixing grey goose vodka with sobe.

    oh yeah and that axel foley reference holy fuck eh.

  11. Connor says:

    “Hassle the bitch in a castle with the ill grapples
    Tackled her asshole, my dick was like a lasso
    Fucked her in her mouth and washed it down with Tabasco”

    Every time I hear this, I picture a lasso shooting out of Danny’s pants and wrapping around a chick like a tentacle

  12. Dietrich says:

    After reading some of the other comments, I decided to go a little more serious. My favorite lines come from the 16th track on XXX, EWNESW;
    “Walking off the grass just to sit on niggas porches
    Passing round 40′s, brown paper bags
    Rolling up a swisher while this rap freaka’ blap.
    It ain’t about nothing, but let me hold something
    Ate a lunchable for dinner, nigga I’m ain’t fronting”
    These lines continue to do what the majority of XXX and other Danny Browns songs do, describe his life in Detroit, Michigan. Danny describes where he grew up as a run-down community (better explained in the song after this, fields) and these lines and the ones that follow explain just what he did while there and give us incite to his type of living.There was not much to do in his hometown other than sit on the pouch drinking 40′s and smoking. “ate a lunchable for dinner; nigga I ain’t fronting” just shows how “unfortunate”, for lake of a better word Danny’s financial situation was at the time. Just all together, I can’t stop listening to Danny Brown and I was ecstatic to hear that Danny was teaming up with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) because he was the other odd rapper that I listened to before Danny. And I have to give a little credit to Skywlkr, Danny does have some of the sickest beats. I just hope he continues what he’s doing, I’ve loved everything from Yes to Blueberry, Just keep it up Daniel.