Bethany Cosentino for Urban Outfitters Now Available Online

May has been a busy month for Bethany Cosentino. Not only does the singer’s sophomore album with Best Coast hit shelves on Tuesday (stream it here), but her debut clothing collection was released through Urban Outfitter’s online store this morning. In the video above, Cosentino discusses how, just like the music, the line is an ode to her native California and she wanted to give everything a classic summer feel. She’s got a handy naming system for the range of cropped jackets and white lace dresses, too, giving every piece a moniker with real meaning by referencing the best shit ever like My So Called Life (the Rayanne shirt), Clueless (the Cher dress) and Seinfeld (the Elaine dress). Everything is super inexpensive as well. Check out the entire range.

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