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Dam-Funk Steps Into The Black in Tampa

photographer Jessica Ghiotto

Though he arrived to beautiful Tampa weather, things got off to a rocky start for Damon Riddick bka Dam-Funk at Thursday's edition of the Step Into The Black series presented by Captain Morgan and FADER. In transit from California, his keytar was lost and a crisis was narrowly averted when an airport employee delivered it to the venue right before the show. DJ Sandman spun some mellow jams while guests enjoyed the usual Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum cocktails and snacks. Sandman closed his set with "California Love," signalling that Dam-Funk was ready to lay it down. The crowd went nuts for the FADER #64 featured artist, who came down from the stage and danced with several ladies. The party went on past midnight as he played for a full hour and a half—women kicked off their heels and danced barefoot during the set. We've still got more cities to hit and parties to throw! Sign up for our mailing list to find out more.

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Dam-Funk Steps Into The Black in Tampa