Stream: Lapalux, “Time Spike Jamz”


The best Lapalux songs are indeterminately biological, his smooth synths taking on waveforms usually reserved for the curves and warps only found in flowers and heard through stethoscopes. “Time Spike Jamz,” released on his Many Faces Out of Focus EP last year in a tiny run of azure blue cassettes, unfolds like a series of instrumental belches, like the beat was caught in Lapalux’s gut and only bubbled up uncontrollably, slurping at variable speeds through intestines and windpipes. That sounds totally disgusting but the song’s totally pretty, worth the listens for you to develop your own, more palatable metaphor. Digital copies are out now via Pictures, whose similarly awe-inspiring artist Dauwd just turned in a solid mix for Boiler Room.

Stream: Lapalux, “Time Spike Jamz”

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  1. Franklin says:

    Defo did not come out a month ago.

  2. Lolo says:

    This came out like A YEAR ago.