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Video: Nicky Da B, "Hot Potato Style"

Nicky Da B came at us so gloriously on Diplo's "Express Yourself back in March, and now he's doing it all on his own in the loony, Bob Weisz- and Casey Coleman-directed video for his single, "Hot Potato Style." Opening with a voice-twerked clip from the 1992 Emilio Estevez/Mick Jagger/Anthony Hopkins film Freejack, Da B takes the everyone-is-invited sentiment of his live show and runs with it. The main character is Da B's expressive mouth, passed like the titular "hot potato" over the mouths of quite the cast of characters: a singing John Stamos, James Brown in a Miso microwaveable soup commercial, a sweater vest-wearing Paul McCartney and a sumo wrestler running in slow motion. Everyone can sing along! "Hot Potato Style" is out now, opening the Please Don't Forget Da B LP.

Video: Nicky Da B, "Hot Potato Style"