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Stream: Madegg, "Thalassa"


Kyoto's preternaturally talented producer Kazumichi Komatsu, who records as Madegg, released his official debut last month, compiling work from as early as 2006, when he was just 16. Mastered by Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare and out now on the exceptional Japanese label Flau, the Teach EP showcases the type of experimental beat-making that sounds not derived from computers and hardware, but from bugs in the park and the ringing when you drop a metal bowl. Stream the woodsy standout "Thalassa" below and pick up the EP now. A full album, Tempera, comes out in July, available as a special T-shirt release with the download code embedded in the fabric.

Stream: Madegg, "Thalassa"

Posted: June 13, 2012
Stream: Madegg, "Thalassa"