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Sun Araw and The Congos Perform Live in London

photographer Alex Wesh

Icon Give Thank, the collaborative album between Sun Araw, The Congos and M Geddes Gengras that's out right now on RVNG, is still a complete mindfuck. It's not that it's especially hard to listen to, it's just that when you put it on, it feels like you've just taken all the drugs that have ever existed, and the world's been blurry and not at all in focus until those first watery notes come in, and then things start to get clear. It's definitely not something you can just throw on at a party, but if you're trying to get deep or have some sort of transcendent musical experience, it's perfect. We recently told the story behind the making of the album, which you can read right here. To summarize: it was pretty difficult to get everyone wrangled together and on the same page, but when it finally happened, it was awesome and the music flowed pretty freely. We never thought it would happen, but the whole gang is reuniting to create some magic on June 22nd in London at the Village Underground. Get your tickets here. We wish we could guarantee some sort of incredible moment of self-discovery, but we can't control your emotions! You'll figure it out.

Stream: Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, & The Congos, "Sunshine"

Sun Araw and The Congos Perform Live in London