Apache Beat, “Tracing Sky” (Tezeo Remix) MP3


Possibly one of the weirder things to happen in music in the last couple years is the blending of new age smoothness and hard drums. When it’s done right, it starts to sound vaguely like Mannie Fresh helped those dudes with the pan pipes in the subway stations record an album. Listen to a remix of Apache Beat’s “Tracing Sky” below. It’s done by Tezeo, who turns the track into a schizophrenic stutter that is somehow as calming as it is jittery. As far as we know, zero pan pipe guys were enlisted to make this one, even if it sort of sounds like they were. Maybe next time?

Download: Apache Beat, “Tracing Sky” (Tezeo Remix)

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  2. Barry says:

    Have you ever played a keyboard? Or are you not one of those keyboard dudes?