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Download Future of What's Moonstruck EP


In 2011, the New Orleans-via-Brooklyn singer/songwriter Blair formed a four-piece, Future of What, to follow the electronic leanings hinted on her great 2010 LP, Die Young, down through the rabbit hole of full-on synth pop. On Moonstruck, the group's first EP, Blair sings like she's a cloud, big but light and never rushed, her voice swinging unexpectedly higher when the emotional wind hits just right. The EP's closer and only song over four minutes, "Party In Heaven," stands out especially, with the whole record coming to a head in a solid minute of repeating the sort of half-truth you tell yourself that never makes you feel better: A heartbreak, just a moment in time.

Download: Future of What's Moonstruck EP

Download Future of What's Moonstruck EP