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Stream SFV Acid's Album #2

As SFV Acid Zane Reynolds makes the kind of gritty drum machine jams that you always hope existed in the early ’80s but only sort of did. His music is at once deeply minimal and expansively textured (seriously, the bass that bleeds all throughout "z!! b!!" is enough to sustain a track all by itself), and as much as Reynolds seems to love vintage gear, it never sounds senselessly retro. Though #2 is actually his second release, it's actually a look back at Reynolds high school production days, and it pretty much proves that even when this dude was hating math class (note: he might have liked math class), he was still making some incredibly forward-thinking electronic music. #2 is out right now on PPM.

SFV Acid, #2

Stream SFV Acid's Album #2