Walter Van Beirendonck’s White Suits and Dr. Seuss


We’ve been eyeing the men’s shows going on in Paris, but Walter Van Beirendonck is the first to shock us and stop us in our tracks—not because of how crazy the designs are, but because how tame they are, a proper suit pivot away from the wackiness that’s always defined the Belgian designer. Granted, there are still Dr. Seuss hats, white S&M ropes and lime green blazers, but mostly he seems interested in the classic summer staple of the white suit, almost Gatsby-esque in its preppiness. It’s camped up of course; a tuxedo shirt is cut open to expose a model’s pecs and one white-suited gentleman is wearing a Queen Elizabeth collar with gender symbols around his neck, but mostly, with the exception of the shirtless, long-gloved outfit, we’d wear almost every look here.

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