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Loscil, "Else" MP3

Listening to ambient compilations is always weird because it highlights the main weird thing about the genre, which is that sometimes when you put a bunch of dudes that all specialize in texture together in a row, it becomes kind of hard to work out who did what without checking a tracklist. That said, these types of compilations also work as albums in their own right—entire collections of artists working to create a patchwork whole of music based entirely on subtlety and emotion. Air Texture is a new two disc compilation of ambient material. It ranges from extremely listenable to great if you're into that sort of thing—which I am, and you probably are too because you clicked on this post. Loscil, who is great at making the sort of electronic ambient music that worms its way into your brain without you even realizing it, contributed the excellent warm pulse of "Else" to the second disc, which he also compiled.

Download: Loscil, "Else" (via Pitchfork)

Loscil, "Else" MP3