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Stream Gatekeeper's Album Exo


Best listened to as a whole, NYC duo Gatekeeper’s Exo is like a 35-minute joyride along the glowing neon grids of a digital dimension in a suped-up sports car. Seamlessly navigating through the freaky textures and undulating rhythms of a rich, colorful sonic landscape, it twists and turns until it concludes in an apocalyptic choral chant. To further immerse you in Exo’s alternate universe, artist Tabor Robak has embedded secret messages in the album art which can only be decoded with a unique downloadable font. The album also comes with a "custom-made, first person gaming environment," but we'll likely have to wait until its July 17th release on Hippos in Tanks to find out what that entails. Stream Exo and try your hand at deciphering the code in the images below, then check out tour dates here.

Stream: Gatekeeper, Exo

Stream Gatekeeper's Album Exo