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Nick Wooster's Spray Paint-by-Number Khakis

Nick Wooster is a street style icon at this point, so it makes sense that he's bringing street art, in the form of grafitti, into fashion. Original Penguin recently tabbed the JCPenney creative director and all around menswear inspiration for “Below the Belt,” a collaborative project where fashion industry leaders put their own twist on Penguin’s new chinos. Wooster has put together a DIY kit that includes a couple of stencils (one Penguin logo, one polka dot) and instructions on how to customize your khakis. If you edge on the yachty, preppy side but want to do something a little weirder than the average whale-print Nantucket red chinos, the Penguin logo stencil provides a nice alternative. Personally, we’ll be spending the day running wild with neon polka dots sprayed on our summer shorts. Learn more about Wooster’s take and watch him in action here.

Nick Wooster's Spray Paint-by-Number Khakis