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Summer Moisturizers: Kiehl's New Fragrant Mixes

It's summer now, which means the sun is as hot and bright as it gets, and to keep your skin from turning to leather it's important to find a good moisturizer. While many of the seemingly endless supply of skin care products on the market probably live up to their claims of skin hydration and rejuvenation, unfortunately they all pretty much smell the same. Which is why Keihl's new Skin-Softening Body Lotions stand out. They're packed with vitamin E and squalane, a natural invigorating oil, but the best part is the scents. As part of their Aromatic Blends line, Keihl's breaks the monotonous coconut-smelling streak from which most hand and body lotions suffer, and instead employ a creative mix of scents in each bottle, like fig leaf and sage or orange flower and lychee, which smell as good and exotic as they sound. Seriously, I put some on earlier and I can't stop sniffing my hands.

Summer Moisturizers: Kiehl's New Fragrant Mixes