Video: Kendrick Lamar, “She Needs Me” and “HiiiPOWER (Live at vitaminwater uncapped)”

July 27, 2012 11:00AM

Kendrick Lamar performed the entirety of his Portland uncapped set in a red TDE hoodie; by the time he finished, he was soaked through. Even delivering the dreamy love raps of “She Needs Me,” Lamar radiates energy, turning things up to another level altogether when his DJ switched the beat out so he could rap over “Bonita Applebum.” For “HiiPOWER”, one of the heaviest tracks from his Section.80 album, Lamar was a little more reserved, letting the crowd bear the brunt of the load as they waved three fingers and sang along. Watch Lamar perform “She Needs Me” and “HiiiPOWER,” and check out footage and recaps from all of the vitaminwater uncapped shows on the vitaminwater YouTube channel. uncapped is traveling to three more cities and two college campuses later this year so be sure and sign up for our mailing list now and get the scoop on when we’re coming to your town.

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  2. Bryce says:

    When is this fool gonna get on a track with RedMic? they are both 2 of the illest emcees out….come on K Dot u and my girl RedMic need to hit the yo