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Video: Julia Holter, "Goddess Eyes I"

Los Angeles composer Julia Holter has already turned out four videos for her drop-dead-gorgeous Ekstasis LP, but this new missive for vocoder gem "Goddess Eyes I" is perhaps the most puzzling of all. Don't be fooled by the amateur-looking pixelation of the opening shot; visual artist José Wolff, whose past credits include a video for Holter's "Sea Called Me Home," is just setting us up for a surprise when we zoom out to discover Holter standing leagues away from us, framed by the archway of a building. Classical architecture figures prominently in the journey that ensues, recalling the mythological inspiration for her 2011 Tragedy LP just as it counters the theme of digital deterioration with an aura of permanence and solidity. Spoiler alert: this contrast will come to head in a very surprising way if you watch all the way to the end of the video. Grab Ekstasis from RVNG Intl., and read more about Holter in our Gen F profile.

Video: Julia Holter, "Goddess Eyes I"