Stream: Matt Carlson, “Reality Club”


Now that everyone—from the post-college kid with nothing to do, to your weird uncle who likes to get stoned in the garage and mess around with analog synths (does anyone have one of these uncles? If so let me know, I would love to hang out with him)—is into experimenting with electronic drones, it’s a little bit more difficult to figure out what’s good and what’s just amateur luck. Matt Carlson, whose All Moments LP is out September 18th on NNA Tapes sits firmly in the category of knowing what he’s doing, I guess that means he’s a synth uncle in training? Which is not to say that this is hyper serious MUSIC AS EXPERIMENTAL ART. “Reality Club” is playful, burbling background noise skittered over a jaunty synth backbone with surprising restraint. It’s pretty and not in the least bit inconsequential.

Stream: Matt Carlson, “Reality Club”

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