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Video: Neon Bunny, "Oh My Prince"

Compared to more fashion-and-bombast-obsessed Korean pop artists—watch BIGBANG’s G-Dragon wear tiger print while holding a baby tiger and fire tennis balls in a Chanel store in his recent video for "One of a Kind"—the Korean singer Neon Bunny (야광토끼) is on another, far more tastefully reserved plane. In the minimal video for "Oh My Prince," she wears floral sunglasses and folds a small vine behind her ear. That's about it, and it's nice that way. It's cheery electro you might mis-hear as French, totally accessible and sweet, with a polished but reserved beat by Cliff Lin, a blockbuster-caliber producer who has composed for the Transformers movie and the video game Call of Duty, plus done ads for Google and Coca-Cola. Neon Bunny's last LP won best pop album at the 2012 Korean Music Awards, and her new mini-album, Happy Ending, is out now.

Video: Neon Bunny, "Oh My Prince"