Video: Nite Jewel & Julia Holter, “What We See”

We’ve heard Nite Jewel and Julia Holter collaborate before, even styling themselves as a single artistic entity by the name of Nite Jewelia. But there’s a special, quiet power to the two of them actually singing in unison, their voices vibrating together like a single pair of pipes. On “What We See,” a track they recently dreamed up for a new audio-visual compilation by non-profit web radio station dublab, the moments when their voices slide apart have all the fragility and fleetingness of a ray of light breaking through a forest canopy. And that’s a pretty literal metaphor, because the theme of the collection is the light from Los Angeles, the radio collective’s hometown. Delaney Bishop and Jose Wolff’s video for the track showcases some local flora and terrain, an apt introduction to the comp’s sampling of the area’s music talent, with contributions from Sun Araw, Dntel, Teebs, Ras G, Suzanne Kraft and more. Songs and videos from Light From Los Angeles will be available for free download via dublab starting October 23rd.

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