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Stream: Hot Chip, "How Do You Do" (Todd Terje Remix)


I'm not saying this is a new thing, but people seem especially stoked to be dancing in the daytime again. Poolside got a lot of renewed attention this year, so did outdoor dance music day parties like MoMA PS1's Warm Up and Tiki Disco. It's only appropriate, then, that Todd Terje, one of the masters of sunstroked electronics, is experiencing something of a resurgence. Here he takes on Hot Chip’s "How Do You Do," and, as expected, turns the track into one giant grin, even incorporating what sounds like steel drums briefly. It'd be worth jamming this song as much as possible before everything goes cold and grey.

Stream: Hot Chip, "How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)

Stream: Hot Chip, "How Do You Do" (Todd Terje Remix)