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Video: Albert Swarm, "Things Fold Into Themselves"

The dark Finland/Brooklyn musician Albert Swarm’s dazzling new Arttu Nieminen-directed video for "Things Fold Into Themselves" features some wild special effects applied to a rippling lake and its visitors. While Swarm's instrumental track was presumably inspired by Gilles Deleuze's idea of the fold (basically, all existence—human life, art, architecture—is a fold between the interior and the exterior), Nieminen's video makes the theme clearer. At one point, we look out a cabin window on a glorious night scene, then peer in from outside as something just as spectacular brightens the house. Above, the sped-up northern lights mimic water, connecting earth and stars. Just a great use of music video to mix in new meaning. Albert Swarm's Wake LP is out now via Ceremony.

Video: Albert Swarm, "Things Fold Into Themselves"