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Watch New R. Stevie Moore Documentary In Full

French artist Arnaud Maguet and members of the Toulon-based music collective Hifiklub were so eager to find out what makes R. Stevie Moore tick they flew all the way to Tennessee to interview the lo-fi recording legend in his Nashville home. Inspired by the rhetorical question, "If R. Stevie Moore is a rock 'n' roll star, why can't we be movie directors?", the francophone team tries to pinpoint the musician's cultural significance while tracking him in the studio and on tour. The resulting 52-minute documentary is titled I Am A Genius (And There's Nothing I Can Do About It), which should give you a good idea of the number of good Stevie quotes inside, and it's out on DVD this month with a bonus 7-inch of four original RSM songs. Order the limited edition release via Les Disques En Rotin Réunis, or stream the film in its entirety above. In case you're looking for another angle, check out a video interview he did for FADERTV with collaborator/protégé Ariel Pink.

Watch New R. Stevie Moore Documentary In Full