Download an Uninterrupted Version of Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix


Back in May, Nicolas Jaar released his Essential Mix. It was weird and beautiful and pretty much jumped all over the map genre-wise. It even began with Angelo Badalamenti talking about making the Twin Peaks score. Generally, it felt less like a producer funneling his influences into a single mix, and more like a peak behind the curtain of the way a creative mind draws connections from nowhere to create something amazing. Arguably, the drops from Pete Tong on these mixes are as much a part of the mix as the music, the same way that sometimes, once you cut DJ Drama out of a mixtape, it feels empty. Sometimes a dude just needs to yell “UH OH” over your songs before rewinding them 765 times in a row, you know? Anyway, here’s Jaar’s mix uninterrupted—how much you feel like you need that in your life is up to you, but it’s certainly nice to revisit this mix in its original form, unencumbered by any outside influence, just Nicolar Jaar, his records and us.

Download: Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix (Uninterrupted) (via Self Titled)

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