Stream: Chad Valley f. Glasser, “Fall 4 U” (Lissvik Remix)


There’s a certain point in life where your idea of partying becomes chilling on the beach for like nine hours before going home, making your own guacamole and then going to sleep. It’s not a bad way of living by any means, but it’s definitely more relaxed than living in a dark bar or whatever. Since his days in Studio, Dan Lissvik has been constructing dense songs that feel like soundtracks to aging gracefully by changing your definition of what partying means. I’m a ways off from that. You’re a ways off from that, too. Probably the people that are actually living it up through beach naps and a fat stack of cruise brochures are mentally a ways off from that, even as they’re living it. Lissvik, on the other hand, makes his home in this world through his music. About midway through this song, he explodes Chad Valley and Glasser‘s original into a cluster of guitar ticks and spindly percussion.

Stream: Chad Valley f. Glasser, “Fall 4 U” (Lissvik Remix) (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

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