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Video: Gabriel Bruce, "Perfect Weather"

UK songwriter and poet Gabriel Bruce already exposed the concept-driven nature of his work when he teamed with London art collective Off Modern to release single "Sleep Paralysis," artfully packaged alongside a book of writings and images he compiled on the topic, which drew inspiration from the Dada cut-up method. "Perfect Weather" is the lead single from his upcoming debut record, and these Jacob Permutter-directed visuals add a deeply ironic twist to the song's romantic refrain. Sure, we probably couldn't hope for more perfect weather on this verdant British moor, but it looks like Bruce was just attacked by knifepoint, and that all his crawling and rolling about is really just the product of that final gasp of vitality believed to take hold of a person before everything goes black. "Perfect Weather" is another instant anthem from the craggy-voiced musician, but what's surprising is how talented he is as a physical performer. Look out for Love in Arms on Bruce's very own Luv Luv Luv Records next year.

Video: Gabriel Bruce, "Perfect Weather"